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This is how Dutch public broadcaster NOS frames Trump with hate-propaganda

Weeks old out of context Trump-quotes out of deliberately edited in videoreport, broadcasted on Dutch television on june 5

Door: Bert Brussen, 15:28, 06 juni 2018

That’s right, this is the Dutch public broadcast TV news network NOS (a Dutch version of CNN, but completely paid for by taxpayers). On June the 5th they aired this item, about the US policy on illegals where men get separated from their women and children and locked up in detention facilities and how that is, according to NGO’s, a violation of human rights.

The illustrating video-images where cut-paste with the already world famous Trump-quotes about violent and criminal MS13-gangmembers. POTUS at that time called those gangmembers “animals, not humans, and we’re taking them out of the country at a rate that has never happend before”.

Journalism in the low lands

The NOS pasted these quotes, without any explanation or context, right after the tearjerking images of illegals in detention facilities, as if it was all and the same report. So now Dutch television watchers, even in this day and age still some hundred thousands at least, believe that president Trump called those illegal aliens in detention facilities ‘animals, not humans’.

Right. Welcome to another episode of journalism in the low lands!

This is no accident. These Trump-quotes are already weeks old, Trump and the White House have talked and explained about that topic extensively already. So it’s almost impossible for a serious newsreporter to see that fragment only for the first time on June the 5th. They must have known it was wrong, old and out of context, but they just let it happen en aired it anyway.

Now they blame Reuters for making the wrong video, but since everybody in the world for weeks already knew what is the story behind these quotes they seriously just can’t have missed that one when editing their newsvideo. Its like showing a video of the collapsing Twin Towers in may 2002 and then excuse yourself by claiming Reuters fucked up by sending the wrong video for illustration in a newsvideo.

USA for Dutch journalists: gun loving rednecks

Well, this is what’s going on in the lowlands MSM for decades already. This is the way public broadcasters (and even commercial newsoutlets) make fake news about Trump and the USA. For Dutch journalists the USA is nothing more then a wilde bunch of gun loving, violent, blood thirsty, obese conservative rednecks under leadership of the evil human rights hating tyrant Donald Trump, only opposed by the good, peaceful, intellectual and intelligent Democrats, the forces of light and equality on their quest for hope, forgiveness, rainbows, unicorns, transgenders and gay marriage. (Dutch journalists actually think the US of A is just one country ruled by a federal government, always ignoring the fact that most laws and rules differ by state since it is a federation of different states. But since the Netherlands is the mediocre centre of the universe every country should be totally the same, with the same form of socialist government, under the same anti-freedom rules, and even have the same tiny size although in reality you could easily fit the Netherlands in east-Texas alone. Boy, you should watch NOS-videoreports about US-gunlaws or the completely Democrat-biased reporting on US presidential campagnes! Talkin’ bout socialist propaganda!)

And yes, every Dutch taxpayer must pay for this communist propaganda public broadcast, it it impossible not to pay for it. That’s how socialism works folks.



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